Nine Caverns of Buddhist and Hindu Shrines. 

Wat Tham Khaopoon is a cave system full of natural halls. All the passages are well lit and conceal nine caverns filled with Buddhist and Hindu shrines. It is the easiest of the many cave temples that can be found in and around Kanchanaburi province to reach.

The first cavern in the caves brings you face to face with a reclining Buddha image that is said to have been there since the 19th century. From there, you follow the labyrinth of passageways to explore the other eight caverns. Each one of them is brimming with images of Buddhist and Hindu deities. They include a selection of Ganesh images, an illustration of the hermit Ruessi, palm-sized Buddha statues squeezed into dark corners, and quite a large sitting Buddha in the last cave.

The corridors, narrow with stalactites and stalagmites hanging low, are illuminated with colored lights that generate a ghostly glow/feeling. Be aware that the passageways can get as slippery as they are narrow. Therefore, those who are quite tall may need to duck out of the way. However, there shouldn’t be any problems negotiating your way from one end to the other, as they aren’t too tight.

Towards the exit of Wat Tham Khaopoon, you’ll find a chamber, painted in white, that was once used as a hospital for the Japanese during World War II. There is also a hut outside with POW photos and old typewriters on display.

The visit to Wat Tham Khaopoon is another part of your Cruise Along the River Kwai, which, we are confident, will make your Thailand vacation a unique and memorable experience. Make sure not to miss this incredible adventure and see Thailand as never seen before.

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