“Part of Your Journey Along The River Kwai.”
Phra Pathom Chedi is a large compound that contains the largest Stupa in Southeast Asia. It is the second-largest in the world, measuring 120 meters at its highest peak. Here you will find the Wat Phra Pathom Chedi.
The large temple consists of both the stupa zone and the monastic zone. You’ll therefore also find an ordination hall, as well as the northern, eastern, southern, and western Viharas in the complex.

The Temple

First, you will see the Stupa standing in the center of the compound. Its construction dating way back to the 4th century. Then, you will come upon the Meditation Hall renovated and transformed into a museum and located right across the entrance. And, also standing there, a single story building with traditional Thai glazing, that holds many Buddha images, the Ordination Hall.

The Viharas

The Northern Vihara was erected in 1861 then, over time, became the entrance to the compound. It boasts two grand staircases and a T-shaped Vihara.
The Eastern Vihara used to be the main entrance then it was displaced by the Northern Vihara. It is a single-story concrete house with two rooms: one full of colorful murals depicting the restoration, and the second one with the Eastern Vihara Buddha’s main image.
The Southern Vihara, a single story building, also has two rooms: the first, dons an image of Buddha with Mucalinda, and the second holds the principle image of the Southern Vihara Buddha and his five disciples.
The Western Vihara is a single story building that hosts an almost eight meters high reclining Buddha. There is also a lower terrace that has many sacred trees that relate to the story of Buddha, as well as two Chinese stone dolls.

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