Visiting with Majestic Wildlife Along The River Kwai. 

The Tiger Cave Temple  (“Wat Thaem Suea” as it is locally known) is another amazing part of your river kwai cruise. This temple was discovered in 1975 by a Vipassan monk named Jumnean Seelasettho, who was looking for a place to meditate. The legend goes that as he was meditating he witnessed tigers roaming around inside the cave thus leading to the name. Another legend claims that there was a very large tiger that used to inhabit the cave.

The temple itself is quite a spectacle. It has one long, massive staircase with 1,237 steps that lead to the summit with some of the risers reaching heights of 30cm.

Proudly standing at the top is a massive golden Buddha that looks out over Krabi an astonishing 278 meters of elevation. From here you can see most of the province of Krabi Town as well as the surrounding foothills where the monks live and other temple buildings.

The Tiger Caver Temple is a Thai-Buddhist meditation centre that holds significant archaeological and historical significance. There are many historical remnants that were discovered here such as stone tools, pottery shards and molded Buddha footprints.  In various parts of the temple you can also see himan skeletal remains and decorated skulls.The surrounding area of the Tiger Cave Temple is mostly tropical rainforest as well as many old trees in the Kiriwong Valley.

Bring along your cameras you will want to show your friends and family the spectacular views from the summit of the tiger cave temple. Cruise from Bangkok every Monday and Thursday – Join us on our adventure!

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