Visit the Tiger Cave Temple along The River Kwai. 

The Tiger Cave Temple, locally known as Wat Tham Suea, is another of these fascinating sights that you’ll have the chance to come across on your River Kwai Cruise. Wat Tham Sua is one of the famous temples in Kanchanaburi. Those who are coming to visit this temple will see a beautiful Buddha image from far away because, in this temple, there is the largest Buddha Image in Kanchanaburi located. Apart from respecting to the Buddha Image, visitors also come here in order to make respect to holy relics in Ketkaew Prasat Chedi. This temple is situated in Tha Muang District, where visitors can stopover before arriving in the city of Kanchanaburi.

When arriving in Wat Tham Sua, visitors will automatically notice that there is a car park and stalls for food and souvenirs in front of the temple. After getting inside of the temple area, visitors who need to go to respect the Buddha image need to make a choice between climbing up via 157 steep steps staircase or take a round trip tram ticket to the hilltop, very cheap for the ticket though.

At the hilltop, visitors will see the largest Buddha Image situated in the out-door area. This largest Buddha Image, named Chin Prathanporn, was built in 1973. This Buddha image is about 18 meters high and 10 meters wide. Visitors usually make respect here before moving up to respect holy relics at Ketkaew Prasat and see a panoramic view there. The view is really outstanding with the Mae Klong River and the green color of gigantic rice fields. Visitors are able to see Chinese Pagoda from Wat Tham Khao Noi Located next to this temple.

Bring your camera with you, as you will surely want to show your friends and family the spectacular views from the summit of this magnificent temple.

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